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Invoice Factoring for Transportation & Trucking Companies

Successful trucking and transportation companies rely on dependable cash flow. With margins tight and expenses for workers, fuel, maintenance, and insurance constantly on the rise, surviving in today’s competitive transportation market can be challenging, especially for small and medium-sized operators.  


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Improve Cash Flow & Get Immediate Funding

Invoice factoring can be a fantastic way for trucking and transportation companies to solve cash flow and working capital challenges. Invoice factoring can help your business get cash immediately based on the invoices you’re issuing. When you finish a trip and deliver a load, you get paid. No need to wait for 30, 60, or 90 days for your customers to pay, but you can still offer them these types of payment terms to remain competitive.

With invoice factoring through Evergreen Funding you can tap into additional funding without taking on debt, which is a powerful combination for the long-term growth and health of your business.

Solve Your Cash Flow Problems Today

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Business Funding With Bad Credit

Do you need funding for a trucking or transportation company with bad credit? Invoice factoring may be the perfect solution. Unlike a loan, with invoice factoring you’re selling your invoices to Evergreen Funding so that you’re not taking on additional debt. You’re simply selling off what is owed to you and getting a prepayment on the value of what is owed to you. No bills, no payments, and no credit checks.

You’re in Control

Are you looking for a specific amount of funding for your transportation or trucking company? You are in control of exactly how many invoices you sell. We understand that each business is different and we will work with you to understand your funding needs and design a program that meets your funding goals.

What is the invoice factoring process?

Invoice factoring can be explained in five simple steps:

Your business invoices your customers after providing them goods or services.

You send the invoice over to Evergreen Funding, your factoring partner.

Evergreen Funding provides a percentage of the invoice to you immediately.

Evergreen Funding carries out the invoice collection process when it is due.

Your customer pays the invoice, and the rest of the value of the invoice is made available to you, minus a modest service fee.

Why Choose Evergreen Funding For Your Invoice Factoring?

Easy to Apply

Apply any time from any device. E-sign included to help expedite your application.

No Hidden Fees

We outline the fees and explain the process so you can budget and easily manage your funds.

Flexible Terms

We provide terms that work with your individual business and customer pay cycles.

Quick Turnaround

We process your application as quickly as possible to get cash funded to your account within a couple of days.

Personal Service

We know you and understand your account. Each client also has their own account representative.

Focus on Your Business

We take over your A/R management so you can focus on running your business and increasing sales.