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Working Capital
for Your Business

Small business funding that works for a wide variety of companies in all stages of enterprise.

What You Need, When You Need It

Continuous Access to Funds

Flexible lines of capital that grow with your company. Steady access to funds is based on your accounts receivable, so as your sales increase, so does your funding.

Customized Terms to Fit Your Needs

Since there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to your individualized business, we follow the same model when it comes to creating terms that work for you.

What We Do

Invoice Factoring

When you invoice your customer, you send us a copy. We transfer funds to you as payment for the invoice, while we take on the burden of waiting for your customer to pay. Access to  working capital when you need it.

Why Choose Evergreen Funding

Easy to Apply

Apply for small business funding at any time from any device. We offer helpful features such as e-sign and fillable forms to help expedite your application.

No Hidden Fees

We outline the fees and terms in your funding proposal and contract, so you can easily budget and manage your small business funds.

Flexible Terms

We provide terms to work with your company’s needs and customer pay cycles to ensure your money is working for you.

Quick Turnaround

We process your application as quickly as possible. We’ll do our best to always communicate our progress with funding for your small business with realistic timelines.

Personal Service

Your account manager will understand you and your business so they can provide the best products and services.

Focus on Your Business

We take over your accounts receivable management so you can focus on running your business and increasing sales.

Let Us Help You

We have industry experts ready to answer any questions you may have. They will get to know you and your business so they can recommend the best type of small business funding for your needs based on your individual model.

We understand that your time is valuable, so please feel free to contact us anytime by any method. You can reach us directly through our website, by phone, email, live chat, or even via social media. Our team is always here to assist you and we are looking forward to speaking with you!