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Learn how many common industries use proceeds from the sale of their invoices as a source of funding for their business.


Manufacturing companies often seek factoring as a main source of funding since they are required to cover upfront costs, which can include raw materials, payroll, taxes, storage fees, delivery, equipment payments, and additional fees before the product is delivered.

Evergreen Funding can help bridge the gap between delivery and payment. Rather than paying higher fees for purchase order funding, use the proceeds from selling your invoices to fund upcoming purchase orders or to cover other operating costs.


Even if products aren’t manufactured in-house, there are still high initial costs before delivery which can include payment in full of the finished product.

Inquire with one of our industry specialists today to find out more about how Evergreen Funding helps wholesale companies increase their sales and bring on more customers by providing working capital.


Temporary staffing is a growing industry that often has difficulty obtaining traditional financing since these companies typically lack the fixed assets needed to secure a bank line. Staffing costs are high since these companies need to fund payroll on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in addition to making significant state and federal tax deposits before they receive payment for services.

Factoring is an ideal option for the staffing industry since we don’t have the same requirements that the banks do and we can usually approve in just a couple of days. We can also offer higher advance rates so don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can help.


Many types of commercial transportation companies qualify for factoring services including short and long-haul trucking, logistics, and more. From the small trucking company to the nationwide company with hundreds of drivers, we can help with funding. We pay faster than the Quick Pay option and usually for less than half the price!

If you are a transportation company shopping for factoring, you may have noticed that there are a lot of factors who specialize in this industry. We do too! The benefit of partnering with Evergreen Funding is that we work with companies in other industries also which lowers our overall portfolio risk because our customer base isn’t focused primarily in any one industry.


There are many types of service companies that benefit from invoice factoring which include security, janitorial, maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, demolition, consulting, and many more. Commercial accounts can sometimes take a long time to pay and there are significant costs such as payroll, supply purchasing, or equipment maintenance that need to be paid first.

Companies who sell products and services to both consumer and commercial accounts can still sign up to factor their commercial invoices. We would love to learn about the services you provide to see if we can help fund your growth.


There are many sub-industries in the oilfield business that are often highly leveraged with the bank due to high payroll costs, higher than average insurance premiums, and heavy equipment charges. Oilfield contracts also can take a long time to pay depending on the size of the company and the job.

We are very familiar with factoring oilfield companies large and small and would love to take a look at your invoices to qualify them for funding. Just let us know what type of work you’re doing and who your largest customers are and we can provide you with great rates.


If you don’t see your industry listed above, don’t worry! We work many companies in a variety of different industries so give us a call or contact us using the form below and we will let you know if it’s something we can do. We are excited to learn about your business to develop a plan to fund your invoices and help your company succeed.

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We have industry experts ready to answer any questions you may have. They will get to know you and your business so they can recommend the best type of funding for your business model. We understand that your time is valuable so please feel free to contact us anytime by any method. You can reach us directly through our website, by phone, email, live chat or even via social media. Our team is always here to assist you and we are looking forward to speaking with you!