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Invoice Factoring Services

Evergreen Funding can provide you immediate capital for your business by leveraging your accounts receivable through a process called Invoice Factoring.


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What is invoice factoring?

Factoring helps small businesses get working capital by selling accounts receivable, or invoices, to a commercial finance company known as a “factor.” This process allows for your business to receive cash for your invoices much sooner than customers would pay. Factoring is very common in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, where extended receivables are part of the normal business cycle.

Factoring is not a business loan – it’s the sale of an asset (the invoice). Essentially, the factor is purchasing the right to collect on an invoice when it’s paid, minus a discount. The factor will pay a certain percentage of the invoice up front, followed by the remainder once they’ve collected on the invoice. Through invoice factoring factoring with Evergreen Funding, your business can get immediate capital in exchange for your accounts receivable.

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When it comes to getting paid for products and services, many businesses offer credit terms to their customers often between 30 to 90 days. This may result in cash flow delays that can stop a business in its tracks. That is when Evergreen Funding steps in to bridge the gap between delivery of products/services and payment.

Specialized Funding Solutions For Your Business

Each and every business has a unique way of selling products or services, recording and billing transactions, and growing profits. As a result, each business needs customized capital funding solutions for operations or growth–one solution cannot fit all. That’s why Evergreen Funding offers tailored accounts receivable factoring plans designed specifically for each business we fund.

What is the invoice factoring process?

Invoice factoring can be explained in five simple steps:

Your business invoices your customers after providing them goods or services.

You send the invoice over to Evergreen Funding, your factoring partner.

Evergreen Funding provides a percentage of the invoice to you immediately.

Evergreen Funding carries out the invoice collection process when it is due.

Your customer pays the invoice, and the rest of the value of the invoice is made available to you, minus a modest service fee.

Why Choose Evergreen Funding For Your Invoice Factoring?

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We outline the fees and explain the process so you can budget and easily manage your funds.

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We provide terms that work with your individual business and customer pay cycles.

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We process your application as quickly as possible to get cash funded to your account within a couple of days.

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We know you and understand your account. Each client also has their own account representative.

Focus on Your Business

We take over your A/R management so you can focus on running your business and increasing sales.