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The Funding You Need, When You Need It

Your business can only grow and thrive if it has access to capital, so Evergreen Funding provides the resources you need to keep moving forward through invoice factoring and loan consolidation.

Invoice Factoring

When you invoice your customer, you send us a copy. We transfer funds to you as payment for the invoice, while we take on the burden of waiting for your customer to pay. Access to working capital when you need it. 

Loan Consolidation

Pay off your high-interest loans or lines of credit by factoring your invoices. You can lower or eliminate daily or weekly payments without taking on additional debt. Use your accounts receivable to manage your liabilities.

Cost Calculator

Simply move the slider to the amount of the invoice you want to factor.


Now select the payment terms of the invoice.

Fees range from 1% to 3% on average. For demonstration only, we will estimate fees of 1.5% per each 30-day period.

Total cost to factor this invoice: